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Hello Buttercup🦋
I am so glad you made it here. Thank you for supporting my small business, I promise to treat you well.
Hello Buttercup is a small company, every time you shop from us, you put a huge smiles on our faces followed by a happy dance ... & We want to thank you for that. 
We are here to make you look cute. As small business we care about YOU and your experience with us, you are a person with a name and not just a customer number.  You are what makes us happy, your excitement and happiness is what keeps us going, so keep on tagging us on those photos and videos, We Love Them!  
We love giving back and try to show it with our giveaways so don't forget to subscribe!
"Every time you shop from a small business, you're supporting a dream"
 Thank You!
We love and take pride in our brands and know you will love them too, but you are our priority, If there is anything you are not totally in love with, please let us know.
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